Welcome to Divorce Coach NJ’s Blog

It is my hope that through these pages I will be able to help you get through your divorce with a bit more ease and peace of mind.

The most important thing to consider when you are in the midst of a divorce is what do I want out of this.  While this may seem like an impossible question it is easy to break it down into bite size decisions.

Lets start with working.

Please consider that the job of a stay at home parent is, in many respects, harder than that of their “working” spouse.   As I use the term “working” I am referring to 3rd party employment with no other implication.

  • If you are working now keep your job until your get through your divorce, you do not need any more stress and your current employer is more likely to be willing to give you the time you will need to take care of your divorce issues.
  • In most divorces the stay at home spouse will be expected to return to work at some point and, if they are not currently working outside the home, will be imputed an income based on their education and experience.  In other words if you do not work your standard of living will suffer.


  • If you have not worked for many years this is a whole new start for you.
  • Anything is possible here.  What do you want your work to look like, working from home, in an office, teaching, becoming a professional (Doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer), social work?  The list is endless.
  • Do something you love it will give you tremendous joy and bring you happiness.
  • Narrow down the choices and start planning.
  • Look into local schools, negotiating a return to school will be easier if custody is not impacted.
  • Lay out the steps you need to take and how much it will cost.
  • Make a budget and look into student loans.
  • If you present a comprehensive plan, everyone, including your-soon-to-be-X, will be sportive and will try to make this happen.

This is your life, take charge and take action.  Without action nothing changes.

As always get in tough with me if you have questions or need assistance

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