Divorce From Hell

I had one of those Ahh Haa moments yesterday. You don’t know squat about me and why I am passionate about Divorce Coaching.

I went through the divorce from hell. I moved out of my home on September 1, 2004 and my divorce was stamped by the court on September 27, 2010. Yes, 6 years and 27 days later…

I do this work because I want to spare other people going through a divorce the problems my children and I went through. I had three different lawyers, two custody evaluations, a dozen different court motions, a failed mediation attempt (my X defaulted on his side of the agreement) and finally binding arbitration. Even once the binding arbitration ruling was finalized my X refused to comply, sending me back to court to try to obtain an enforcement of the arbitration terms.

It was only when I took control of my divorce and treated it as a business negotiation was I able to get the results I wanted. Nasty, nasty stuff. Three of my children do not speak to their father and only my daughters see him occasionally. Such an unbearable loss for my children.

With this life altering experience I am determined to make a difference in the lives of other people going through a divorce. The pain and suffering that comes with a divorce can be reduced by being strategic and focused. The unfortunate thing is that when you are in the midst of divorce it is almost impossible to be rational and unemotional about the decisions that you make. That is where I come in, I act as your brain. I help you develop options to drive the success of your divorce you you come out on top.

All my best

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