So the kids are out of school; what do you do about the parenting schedule?

What are your children going to do over the summer? Everything is dependent upon the age of your children. If your kids are teens they may have jobs or if they are very young these suggestions may not be doable.

Hopefully each of you will have the chance to spend some extended quality time with them. Even if you do not have the money to go away there, are lots of day trips that are inexpensive and great fun; amusement parks, trips to the shore, picnic at a local lake, trip into New York City (OK, that will cost some $$) or a trip to a historic site. How about painting their room in a color that they like?

This is also an opportunity to have them spend time with extended family that may not see them regularly. Would the Grandparents appreciate a week with them? Would they like to spend time with their cousins? The kids will have a blast and it will allow them to have a break from the parenting schedule.

Parents who are on a one week on/ one week off schedule sometimes change to a 2 week schedule. As well most parenting schedules allow for one or two consecutive weeks with the kids with each parent, so as everything is going to be upside down it is easy to allow the kids some freedom.

Ask your children what they want to do? Do they have their hearts set on baseball camp or sleep away camp?

Parents who can co-operate with a different schedule for the summer will reap great rewards for their children

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