How will I live during the divorce?

Very common question from both the working and home-employed spouse.  Most folks, tend to spend their income so whether you have one income or two there will be a change; One household is now two and the same income has to be divided

So hopefully you had a plan in place to address this issue prior to initiating a divorce.

If you were surprised by the announcement by your spouse, (you are not the first person to have this happen) then you will need figure out your living costs and discuss  how to pay for everything with your soon-to-be-X

I understand if you are now cringing at the thought of this negotiation, however, this needs to be dealt with.  If you are staying in the marital residence you need to assure that you have access to funds to pay the mortgage or rent, the utilities, insurances and for you and your children’s personal needs.

If you are the one moving out ditto but for your new living arrangements.

You will also need funds to hire a lawyer.  If you do not have access to cash can you borrow from a family member or draw on credit cards (heavy interest cost associated with this option).

Having a plan to secure access to cash can ultimately reduce the cost of your divorce and minimize conflict.

So think and plan before you act or think on your feet as soon as you find out.

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