Keep your nose clean!

At any stage in your divorce, be it in prior to filing, in the midst of the negotiations or after you are done and trying to live with the terms of your settlement, you have to follow the terms so that you do not put yourself in a bad position.

Sometimes it may seem pointless, (believing that your X will not pay the expenses even if you send the receipts), it may take a lot of effort to put together the receipts, or you just cannot stand the thought of dealing with your X; but you MUST do it.

One of my clients could not get it together to send her X copies of the bills he was supposed to pay.  Without creating the obligation, by sending the receipts, she let him off the hook.  When she asked him for payment he said that he has never seen the bills.  He owes her the money but now it is month’s worth of bills and is a big number to collect.

Whatever the terms are, you need to keep to them.  If you do not like them you can try to change them but just not complying will weaken your negotiating position, put you in a very bad light if there is future legal action and increase the tension between you and your X.

Not worth it.  Just do what you have to do.

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