Father’s Day –Being the Better Man

Father’s Day, the day we celebrate dad.  Thank him for all he has done for us and rejoice in his company.

This is a time, when you have to remember that your X is not your dad he is your children’s dad and they want to celebrate the holiday.  So you have to “man up” and either help your children make dad a card and gift or take the kids out to buy a card and gift for their dad.  It is hard to do when you are angry and frustrated but it is so worth it.

Doing this will create good will between the two of you, even if it is not acknowledged.  It will make you the better person and allow you to stand tall that you did the right thing for your children.  Your children will also be greatly appreciative of your efforts although it may take years to hear it from them.

I used to celebrate father’s day by taking the day for myself.  I had the day off (children are usually with their father on father’s day) and took advantage of the time to go to the beach with a good book or go play a round of golf.

Man up for your kids and enjoy your day off.

Ditto for mother’s day by the way gentlemen.

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