Get Your Independence “Day” From Anger

OK so I am taking the advice of my social media too literally capitalizing on July 4th…

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get free from the anger you carry from your divorce.

Anger can consume you, certain problems become a mantra that you repeat over and over again each time re-living the situation and bringing everything back to the front of your brain.

The problem with being angry is that the only person being harmed is yourself. The person(s) you are angry with (your X, the court system, the world, the God of Fairness) is not the recipient of your anger. You are the one that is upset. You are the one who suffers.

Once you really get it that anger only hurts yourself it is easier to let go. I am not saying this will fix everything, because nothing has changed; but at least you will not be upset.
You need to make the decision that you will not let _________ (fill in your personal blank) ruin your life anymore. You will not allow yourself to give that situation the power over you any more.


It really is that easy, it does not mean that you forgive, that will come in time, but at least you have some peace of mind.

Try it. The next time you feel yourself getting angry, tell yourself that you will not allow it to control you anymore and let it go.

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