Switching Households Part 5 – Clothing Balancing Act

The purpose of these ideas is to make life easier for you and most importantly, your children.  I believe that stress is the root cause of illness and unhappiness in our lives so anything you can do to take it down a notch will be worth it.

As your children go back and forth between households It is likely that clothing will accumulate at one house or the other and will need to be re-distributed once in a while.  The re-balancing could be monthly or weekly depending upon your parenting schedule and the sufficiency of both parents at doing laundry.

Why is this important to your kids?  They need to feel secure that there will be some of their favorite clothes at each home so that when they get dressed they will like what they are wearing.

So how do you do this?  Get a small/medium rolling suitcase and send it with the kids either empty if there is a shortage of clothing at one household or full if the kids have too much.  Typically clothes will need to go both ways, too many t-shirts at Dad’s and too many pants at Mon’s.  The kids can put the clothes away or fill up the suitcase if they are old enough or the other parent can do this before the next switching time.  (Really great idea to send back clean clothes.)

Eventually you will have two sets of clothing on the go but a re-balancing will ensure that you kids have their favorite shirt/shoes/pants when they need them.  You may also need to re-balance school supplies if one household ends up with 6 sets of colored pencils.

Put this concept in your parenting agreement or property settlement agreement if you can.  As you prepare for your divorce keep the needs of your children front and center, try to lift the burden of the process off their shoulders as much as you can.

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