Switching Households Part 6 – The Box in the Car

To help minimize the stress and anxiety on your children if they forget something at the other household, and amount of time you spend rushing around and driving back and forth between your place and your X’s use a “Box in the Car”.  There may be part of you that says that if the children forget something let my X and do the driving.  Only thing is that it is not your X who will be stressed out it will be your children

The box will contain items that your children need every day but are easy to forget.  School supplies, sport equipment, running shoes; you know your children, what do they forget?  This is similar to the traveling back pack concept but requires much less work on your part.

Use a cardboard or plastic box; the size depends upon how many children you have and what their activities are.  If they take music and art the box will be a different size than if they are hockey and soccer players.  Plastic is good because you can often see at a glance what is in the box.

Stock the box once and then forget it.  Once it is dipped into replace the items taken. With this fail safe in your car you will feel less stressed at transition time and your children will benefit and they will rarely be without something they need

Put this concept in your parenting agreement or property settlement agreement if you can.  As you prepare for your divorce keep the needs of your children front and center, try to lift the burden of the process off their shoulders as much as you can.

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