Switching Households Party 9 – Traveling Food

The times typically negotiated for parenting to switch always seems to be around dinner – after work or after school.

You are tired and hungry; your kids are tired and hungry… recipe for disaster.

This is such an easy fix…. When the kids are in the car on their way to the other parent’s house give them a snack; an apple, cheese stick, handful of nuts, a banana or granola bar.  This will help balance their blood sugar and make them feel less stressed during the transition.  Nothing large enough that it will spoil their appetite for dinner but enough to make them feel comfortable.

Another reason to do this is that when you get home you do not have to go into panic mode to get dinner on the table.  They will also snack less when they get there.  If you can’t manage something in your car have a snack ready for them when they walk in the door.  My kids always loved apples and cheese (used the apple slices as crackers).

Keep a box of granola bars in the car, (in your traveling box!!! See my Blog on suggestion #6) or stop and buy snack (try to avoid fast food) before you pick the kids up. This suggestion is an obvious one but most times we forget.  This is an easy strategy to help your kids transition.

As you prepare for your divorce keep the wellbeing of your children front and center, they will be less stressed and, as a result you will be less stressed.  Put ideas like these in your property settlement agreement, it will show thought and care for the future of your children.

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