Switching Households Part 10 – Time to settle in

When the kids are moving from one household to the other they will likely be stressed. Did I forget something?  I meant to do this or that for mom/dad and I didn’t or wow it is great to be with mom/dad.  Whatever the situation they will have a reaction.

Give your children ten or twenty minutes to just chill after a change in households.  Let them put their things in their rooms, pat the cat/dog and just breath for a few minutes (hence the importance of the snack).  Forget about homework or rushing to get dinner on the table

After a few minutes you can get going with the regular routine.

A pause is very beneficial.  It really is a life skill that all of us should be doing.  After something stressful has happened, good stress too, a time to reflect and just unwind will keep everyone calm and focused.

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