Switching Households – Top Ten Terriffic Transition Tips – The Short Version

So I cheated.  I could have given you all of my “Top Ten Terrific Transition Tips” (sorry could not help myself on the name) a few weeks ago and then have the details follow.  So If you missed any of my blogs you can go back and find what you need.

This is a practical list of ways to make life easier for your children.  Switching households can be stressful for your children.  Using the techniques below will make the day to day needs of your kids flow a bit more smoothly

  1. Have two sets of everything.
  2. Use a traveling backpack to bring essentials between households where you only have one.
  3. Place a large Calendar in both homes to keep track of the schedule.
  4. Balance children’s clothing between homes.
  5. Use an automatic calendar to set reminders for transition times.
  6. Keep a box in the car of things the children typically forget.
  7. Skype or video conferencing is a great way to communicate with younger children.
  8. Try to have the same rules and consistent patterns in both households.
  9. Keep snacks in the car to keep children fueled during traveling.
  10. Give you children time to settle in once you make the move between houses.

While these are simple ideas, it might be a good idea to put some or all of them in your parenting agreement or divorce settlement agreement and are something to think about as you prepare for your divorce.

You can get a full copy of these tips from my website clicking of the resources section.

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