Mother’s Day – This is Important for Your Children

Mother’s Day, is more than the day we celebrate Mom.  It is a day where we thank all the Mothers in the world, not just our own.  The bond between a Mother and her child is somehow different than that of a father and his child.  Perhaps it is the physical connection; carrying and giving birth to children that does is, perhaps it is more spiritual as adoptive Mothers have the same bond with their children.

Your children want, no really need the time to be with their Mother on this special day. Make it easy for them to go see their Mother. Father’s you need to help your children make their mom happy.  So help your children make card or gift or take the kids out to buy a something special for their Mom. They will be grateful as it will make them very happy to be able to surprise mom.

When I was growing up my Mum did not allow me to buy anything for her, she did not like how commercial Mother’s Day had become.  So I made her breakfast in bed, picked dandelions in the garden and made a card.

I still remember many of these days and your children will remember them too.  It is very normal for the children to be with their Mother on Mother’s Day.

Doing this will create good will between the two of you, even if it is not acknowledged.  It will make you the better person and allow you to stand tall that you did the right thing for your children.  Your children will also be greatly appreciative of your efforts although it may take years to hear it from them.

Dads as you will not have your children be with your Mom, your sister or other Mother’s you know who might need a hug.

Ditto for Father’s day by the way Ladies.

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