What is a Divorce Consultant?

It’s a new profession that assists you in your divorce to understand the decisions you are facing; help build a strategy for you and your loved ones; and prepare the evidence necessary to support your needs.  Divorce Consultants also help you understand your alternatives, as there can be many ways to settle your divorce.

Divorce can be either litigious or mediated, and it also often needs to consider custody of children.  It is a legal and emotionally charged event. As a working executive, you are often too time poor to appropriately deal with the conflicts that arise and the needs of the divorce process.  Your Divorce Consultant will work with you to prepare what is needed and provide a well thought out, logical argument, backed by the supporting evidence, to get you a quick mediated outcome or save time briefing your lawyer.

Divorce Consultants approach custody in a child friendly manner.  They take care to ensure that your children are insulated from the divorce and make sure that they are cared for.  After custody is settled divorce is a negotiation of who gets how much of your assets, income and possessions that you have accumulated.  The Divorce Consultant approaches these issues in a practical and methodical manner that will position you to get great results that are fair and balanced.  As a result your divorce will be faster, more amicable and will cost you less; emotionally and financially.

If you are already in a highly litigious situation, a Divorce Consultant may be the factor that turns your divorce in your favor.  As a working executive you are likely unable to devote the time it takes to respond to a litigious situations and failure to do so will cost you a fortune in legal fees, payments to your spouse and will cause your divorce to be unnecessarily long.

If you are contemplating divorce, a Divorce Consultant will position you with the information and alternatives to settle your divorce in mediation quickly and efficiently. The party that enters a negotiation with the greatest amount of preparation will direct the discussion and end up with the results they want. While you cannot control your spouse, a well thought out proposal that is fair and balanced will position you as “reasonable” and you will ultimately prevail.

Another consideration is that your lawyer will have a much better ability to represent you if you provide your lawyer a well thought out, logical argument, backed by the supporting evidence.  Your position will be stronger and your Divorce Consultant’s work will make your lawyer’s job considerably easier. Preparing your lawyer will get you better results and save you an enormous amount in legal fees. Your Divorce Consultant will develop the supporting your arguments, prepare the financial data for the exhibits and find the copies of documents that will prove your case.

Absent a divorce consultant your lawyer will be required to do the same work but will not, typically, have had the benefit of extensive financial knowledge, an understanding of tax issues nor the ability to spend the time to dig through bank statements to find the evidence needed to support your case

Hiring a divorce consultant will take the weight off your shoulders of the tremendous amount of work needed to successfully manage and prevail in your divorce.

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