Maggie D.

Suzanne helped me get far enough along in my grieving processes to stop curling up in a ball, roll up my sleeves and get down to work. She helped bolster my self-confidence enough to be able to clarify want I did want and unapologetically ask. With her experience of seeing many cases and sample settlement plans, she helped me think about future situations and include concerns that would not have occurred to me to ask for. And, she helped me write the whole document! When my lawyer asked for my parenting plan and custody schedule I was able to give her one. All my lawyer had to do was clean up a little “legalise” here and there.

 Suzanne also helped me see that our court system is terribly flawed. She took me to divorce support groups where I met people who are still going back to court 7 and 12 years later. It is important to understand that the system will not impose justice or truth. She helped me find the balance of getting what I need for myself and my son without trying to use the system to do things it cannot do. And now, I can get on with my life! Thanks Suzanne!!!!