MarcieH“After 5 years of stalling, bickering and avoidance, Suzanne’s knowledge and prudent advice moved my divorce out of gridlock. Thank you Suzanne”
Marcie H.

 Suzanne’s organization and financial analysis resulted in pivotal financial results for my case.   Suzanne produced a comprehensive financial binder of a 5 year family spending analysis that established both the marital lifestyle and the factual #’s to work with to establish alimony and child support.  This binder of financial proofs was then presented to my lawyer and then again to an economic mediator who determined a fair disposition of marital assets and a reasonable alimony and child support based on her accurate calculations.  Separately, Suzanne’s negotiating skills, presence and the backbone she re-inspired into me were all able to help me negotiate with my lawyer and reduce a mounting legal bill by $23,000.
Susan M Walton

She has a wealth of information and experience regarding divorce and is very empathetic.It’s rare that our group recommends professionals in the field, but I feel very confident recommending Suzanne.  She is in the business for the right reasons.”
Women’s Support Group of New Jersey.

 “I had the pleasure of meeting with Suzanne based on a highly respected recommendation from a friend.  Not only did Suzanne provide me valuable professional advice, she did so with compassion and integrity.  Her advice was immeasurable and has given me the ability to move forward with more insight and knowledge in getting to a settlement quickly and more cost effectively.  I cannot say enough about the services she offers.” 
Christine I.

“Suzanne has been there for me in my darkest times.  Her advice has given me hope and the ability to face the difficult decisions in front of me.  Thank you so much for your kindness.”
Robin J.