What is a Strategic Divorce Consultant?

A Strategic Divorce Consultant works with you to build a strategy to get you through your divorce with less conflict. Your consultant will help you insulate your children and manage the process so that it is faster and less costly. We work with you to chart, navigate, and structure the best possible financial and economic outcome in your divorce. As a divorce mediator, I have a unique skill set and the ability to proactively and preemptively set you up for the best possible outcome.

Does a Divorce Consultant provide legal advice?

No.  Your Divorce Consultant can help you understand the legal process and assist you in preparing the details of your court documents, (Case Information Statement and the text of your Certifications) but we do not provide legal advice.

Will I save money if I use a Divorce Consultant?

Yes, yes yes!  For every dollar you spend on a Divorce Consultant you will save 3-5 in other expenses. You will save even more when and if hidden, missed, and unseen marital assets are identified and uncovered resulting from your work with Divorce Coach NJ. More than saving you money, a Divorce Consultant will help you get a better distribution of assets and Pendente Lite support/alimony.

When should I hire a Divorce Consultant?

We can help at any stage in the divorce process. In the beginning we can help you secure funds, select the appropriate lawyer, plan how you announce the divorce to your soon-to-be-X, and develop a strategy to manage your divorce.

After your divorce is underway we will help you manage problems as they arise.  This will keep you out of court, limit your legal bills, We help prepare your narrative for court and mediation documents and work on parenting schedules.  We also review your finances to ensure all assets are identified and accounted for.

Towards the end of your divorce, we will help you with negotiation strategy, provide an understanding of the tax issues associated with your alternatives, help you develop a case for appropriate child support and empower you to negotiate the best possible alternatives available to you.

What is the role of a strategic Divorce Consultant?

  • Develop a strategy to direct your divorce to optimize the outcome.
  • Employ parenting strategies that are best for your children given the realities of your working schedules.
  • Manage, direct, and react to the ever changing process in real time.
  • Identify issues and prepare a defense before they come up.
  • Implement a strategy to avoid court.
  • Proactively and preemptively set you up to avoid costly court proceedings.
  • Prepare evidence to support your position in mediation or court.
  • Forensic accounting – Find missing money or show how marital assets have been inappropriately spent.

I have to fill out my Case Information Statement – now what do I do?

How you fill out your Case Information State can determine your financial future. Accurate numbers are critical to ensure that you and your children are cared for during your separation and after your divorce. We have strategies to ensure that your lifestyle is accurately captured.

I have decided to ask for a divorce.  What do I do and what happens next?

The recommended first step is developing a plan; you can control the outcome of your divorce if you plan ahead. What you do next is very important.  Firing ahead without a plan can land you in a world of grief and trouble. Before you tell your spouse, make sure you are ready for a potential unexpected response.

My spouse has just told me he/she wants a divorce.  What do I do? 

  • How you react will determine the course of your divorce.
  • Has he/she seen a lawyer? Were you served divorce papers?
  • Who will remain in the house? What about parenting time?
  • Now is the time to think through what you want at the end of the road and get a plan together to get it.

What are the things I need to get organized?

  • Parenting arrangements – it is important that the children see both parents on a consistent basis – this is a priority.
  • Living arrangements- Decide who will stay and who will leave.
  • Figure out how to pay for a separate place to live.
  • Determine how the bills will be paid.