About Divorce Coach NJ

  • Divorce Coach NJ’s vision is based on the belief that the divorce process can be managed in a way to minimize the pain and anguish suffered, reduce the cost and optimize the outcome for all parties involved.
  • As founding partner I went through a long and very difficult divorce.  It was only towards the end of the process that I realized that I needed to look at my divorce as a business negotiation. 
  • In a divorce you are negotiating the sharing of assets (your home, your savings and your stuff), liabilities (your debts) and cash flow (how much of who’s income will be given to the other). 
  • We help you clearly articulate your position and wishes in a manner that will be acceptable to the other side so that you get what you want.  We bring strategic negotiation skills to your divorce and provide guidance and advice to shorten the process.
  • We help our clients present their financial position, track expenses and asset dispositions and make sure that they are getting a fair share of the marital assets.  Our clients feel empowered, confident and enjoy having a strong ally in their corner.