Guardian Angel Program

This one-on-one  program is designed to lift the weight of the process off your shoulders.

Extensive divorce services are provided on a monthly basis and include as much time as you need both in face to face meetings and on the phone.

Program includes troubleshooting, crisis management and telephone sessions, you are never charged for an individual call.

This package is geared to each individual client. Needs are so varied that one particular issue may require the full attention for a full month and other issues become irrelevant.    
  • Preparation for mediation or court – we develop your game plan for negotiations.
  • Strength and weakness analysis – what do you have that the other side wants?
  • Custody issues and child support – development of a parenting plan and costs analysis to ensure your children’s needs are met.
  • Division of assets – what do you want and what are the most tax efficient methods to get it?
  • Managing crisis – when something hits the fan, how you react is critical to controlling the outcome of the situation and the future of your divorce.
  • Discussion of Timing – Controlling of the process allows you to direct rather than react when something comes from the other side.
  • Instructions for legal counsel – How to guide your lawyer for the best possible representation.
  • Preparation of the narratives included in certifications for court.