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Case Information Statement (CIS) NJ

  • Preparation of the CIS is very important. The CIS is used by the court to determine support obligations during the divorce process (Pendente Lite) and for the calculation of alimony.

Child Support Guidelines NJ

  • The child support guidelines are used when you apply for, or amend existing, child support.  It is important to present your case in a manner that is credible to the court, as the guidelines may be changed or ignored by the court only where good cause is shown. 

 Questions You Should Be Asking:

How do I choose a lawyer?         
  • This decision is critical to how your divorce proceeds.  
  • Be wary of recommendations of lawyers who were “tough” or who got a “great deal” for their clients.  
  • Adversarial lawyers will cost you a fortune and will destroy any ability to negotiate things on your own.  
  • Hire a lawyer known for litigation and that is what you will get.  
What is collaborative law? 
  • This obviously depends upon the circumstances; However if you and your spouse can keep the negotiations going, hold off.
  • As soon as you file the legal wheels start turning and it can end up costing you money.
  • Only after you file can you approach the court for these issues.