My mediation practice is based on the same philosophy as my Guardian Angel and Mentoring programs.  I guide my clients to solutions that are fair, balanced and designed to withstand the test of time. If an agreement is reached without both parties being committed to its execution, it will not be complied with and the parties will end up in court to enforce the agreement.  
As difficult as it may seem to imagine an end to your divorce negotiations, I can sheppard you through to an agreement that will work, considers the needs of both parties and will, hopefully, result in a civil relationship between the two, of you so that you can co-parent without causing your children stress.
We work through all the issues:
  •  Identify all discussion issues up front so each of you has an opportunity to consider them.
  • Developing a parenting schedule that works with the first consideration being the well being of the children.
  • Division of assets – alternatives for the division of financial assets.
  • Marital residence – How to manage the disposition of, typically, the largest single asset.
  • Division of liabilities – who is responsible for the debt incurred during the marriage.
  • Tax issues of all the financial arrangement will be clearly delineated so that there are no surprises.

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